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STAMFORD® altenators help PSM deliver with Gazprom

STAMFORD® alternators help PSM hit the mark with Gazprom

A Russian genset supplier keen to increase its business with oil and gas clients has scored a success with Gazprom after specifying STAMFORD® alternators for its standby application units. PSM, an abbreviation of the Russian for Industrial Power Units (Promyšlennye Silovye Mašiny), is the largest Russian company specialising in engineering, manufacturing and servicing of diesel engine-based equipment. Since its formation in 2005, the company has built a strong position in diesel-powered generator sets, power drives and pump sets, and has its own 15,000 sq m production facilities in Yaroslavl, 250 km northeast of Moscow.

Across the Ural mountains in the Yugorsk region of Western Siberia, oil and gas giant Gazprom has its largest gas transmission subsidiary company, Gazprom, which operates a 1,500 km network of manifold gas trunklines delivering gas to consumers in the Urals, Central Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe. The company operates and maintains a total length of 27,000 km of pipeline strings, along with 220 compressor shops and 1,168 gas pumping units.

Ensuring that its gas transmission system is efficient and reliable is always a top priority. The load on Gazprom gas transmission system is set to grow steadily over the next few years, and the company lays great emphasis on trunkline repairs, reconstruction, technical retrofit and reinstatement of compressor system capacities. For its standby power requirements, above all Gazprom needs reliability, and that is where the reputable brand of STAMFORD® alternators were considered.

PSM uses STAMFORD® alternators for a number of the gensets it manufactures. The models in PSM’s extensive genset range mix and match STAMFORD® alternators with engines from a number of international manufacturers, which are then promoted in the Russian market as easy to operate and maintain. To meet Gazprom’s needs, PSM knew it could draw on the brand recognition and high-quality reputation STAMFORD | AvK has in Russia to assure its customer of the quality and reliability of the STAMFORD® range.

"The guarantee of a reliable power supply was the key to PSM winning this order with Gazprom. Having industry renowned STAMFORD® alternators in the gensets played a crucial part towards that success."

For this project PSM specified robust STAMFORD® PI144D1 alternators to combine with Belarusian MMZ 231 D-246.1 engines. Gazprom's total power requirement of 430 kVA is being met by 20 units, expected to be required to start up 20 times a year in their standby role.

Reliability has been the key to success for PSM in winning a large order from its leading oil and gas customer. Currently markets such as agriculture, construction and public utilities account for around two thirds of PSM’s $50 million turnover. With STAMFORD | AvK experience of the oil and gas industry, STAMFORD® alternators offer a way for PSM to increase the oil and gas side of its business, and benefit from the size and growth potential of this major sector of the Russian economy.

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