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Folleto nuevo sobre alternadores marítimos

'Alternators for Marine Applications' is a new brochure from Cummins Generator Technologies, describing how†STAMFORD and AvK alternators rise to the challenges of the marine environment. Whether for shaft propulsion, auxiliary power, diesel electric propulsion, hybrid or variable speed systems, STAMFORD and AvK deliver effective and efficient solutions.

STAMFORD and AvK alternators have won their reputation for dependability in marine over half a century of development. Cummins Generator Technologies today is an industry leader in advanced alternator design for the marine, offshore and oil and gas markets ' with the experience to understand the complexities and challenges of integrating alternators and generator sets into marine vessels.

For main propulsion power, STAMFORD and AvK offer a comprehensive range of modular based marine shaft alternators in the range 100 to 10,000kVA which can be customised to meet specific customer needs and application demands.

Cummins Generator Technologies also has a complete line up of marine auxiliary alternators. STAMFORD and AvK ranges include specific and customisable designs for applications such as emergency power, ship service power, harbour power, power take home and diesel electric propulsion.

Longstanding experience in Diesel Electric Propulsion (DEP) means Cummins Generator Technologies has the experience needed to help customers integrate alternators and generator sets into DEP marine systems. Specifying STAMFORD and AvK alternators for DEP taps into a wealth of expertise and global support.

Boat operators looking for fuel savings are increasingly turning to hybrid solutions. Cummins Generator Technologies is equipped to provide a combination of hybrid drive options, optimising power efficiency through a flexible choice of operational modes. Cummins Generator Technologies can offer a wide range of STAMFORD and AvK alternators, expertise in marine application engineering, and hybrid propulsion system design skills.

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