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Conferencia sobre productos S-Range de STAMFORD

El 14 de julio de 2017, Cummins Generator Technologies China llevó a cabo por primera vez una conferencia promocional de productos STAMFORD para el área sudoeste de la ciudad de Chengdu, China, mientras presentó de forma simultánea los STAMFORD S0, S1, S4, S6 en la ciudad.

The conference attracted an audience of 60 customers, and was a chance to introduce of new S-Range products, to explain how to identify the authenticity of STAMFORD alternators, and also to invite customers to view the S1, S4, S6 sample machines. Following on from the successful†event, interest in new S-Range products were high, resulting in a number of product being ordered directly from the conference.

The new S-Range, has competitive CoreCooling' thermal management technology, which allows customers to install replaceable feet, effectively enhancing the power density. This will enable customers to get more innovative generators, making the customer's business develop and high level advantage.

There is a strong demand for STAMFORD alternators in the Southwest area from industrial development potential found in real estate, mining, oil and gas fields, hospitals, data centers, to name but a few. Bruce Chen, General Manager of Cummins Generator Technologies China, said:

"This product promotion conference is an important part of our continued strength in the Southwest. We will continue to promote our products and support for customers in the Southwest region, so that the relevant industries can use the superior quality of the STAMFORD generator.'

So far, the STAMFORD S4 range has been fully produced in China's plant, and China's first S0 & S1 machine has been off the assembly line since June, 2017. And more recently, the first new S6 alternator†is also officially off the assembly line in China.