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newage-2.jpg NEWAGE

1965 - Arthur Lyon Ltd and Newage (Manchester) Ltd consolidated all generator production at the Barnack Road site. Company renamed Newage Lyon Ltd.

1967 - Newage Lyon produces the world’s first brushless alternator.

1969-1977 - Newage subsidiary companies established in USA, Canada, Italy France, Norway, Australia, Spain, Germany and Singapore.

1973 - Newage produce world’s first alternator utilising a pmg for AVR excitation.

1979 - Last slip ring machines produced.

1980 - Received Queen’s Award for UK export business.

1984 - Onan Corporation acquires alternator business of Newage Engineers Ltd.


1969 - Foundation of SEG Kempen: control systems, control units, protective and functional devices.

1970-1977 - Development of SEG worldwide distribution network.

1974 - New plant opened in Kempen, Germany.

1979 - Sari-SEG joint venture established in Indonesia for the manufacture of electronic devices and transformers.