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newage-3.jpg NEWAGE

1985 - Cooper Industries acquires McGraw Edison, majority shareholder of Onan Corporation.

1986 - Cummins Engine Company Inc. acquires Cooper Industries' holding in Onan Corporation and becomes majority owner of Newage.

1987 - Newage acquires MARKON Engineering, Oakham, UK manufacturer of 2 & 4 pole 2 kVA - 1875 kVA alternators.

1988 - Newage name changed to Newage International Ltd.

1991 - Alternator production commences in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.

1992 - Cummins acquires remaining shares of Onan Corporation from Hawker Siddeley Group.

1992 - Joint venture with Crompton Greeves Ltd. for production of alternators in Ahmednagar, India.

1996 - Joint venture with Jiangsu Haixing Electric Machinery Group for production of generators in Wuxi, China.

1997 - Power Products Division established for production of 2-5 MW and MV & HV machines.


1985 - SEG acquires AvK and consolidates into AvK SEG Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

1985-1990 - Acquisition and development of Coil Systems GmbH Elektrowicklungen in Karlshuld, Germany.

1990 - Development of DIG range of AvK alternators.

1990 - Expansion of SEG R&D in Electronics and Information Technology.

1990 | 1996 | 2001 - Major capacity expansion at SEG, Kempen.

1995 - Establishment of AvK SEG Controls Ltd. Joint venture in Noida, India for the production of alternators and electronic devices.

1996 - Development of the variable-speed CONCYCLE® alternators for marine, UPS and wind applications.

1997 - Market launch of the "CONCYCLE® Wind" systems.

1999 - New AvK factory opened in Ingolstadt. Production area of 10,000 m2.

1999 - Establishment of AvK/Elektroputere S.A., Craiova, Romania. Joint venture for production of LV alternators.