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STAMFORD® alternators construct custom package for track motor locomotive rail application in Russia

Stauffer Diesel was established in 1948 to serve the needs of Lancaster County, Philadelphia dairy farmers; today they are a leading distributor of diesel engines.

The NEWAGE® | STAMFORD® | AvK® partnership started over 30 years ago when Stauffer Diesel started to produce gensets, as a result of a request for a private rail car.

For this project, a custom package was constructed with STAMFORD® UC alternators coupled with Deutz air-cooled engines. This was the start of the rail market for Stauffer.

With the STAMFORD® UC alternator offering the capability of removable feet, it made it easier to convert to an underslung design for rail applications (for 'Hotel' power). The quality of this construction in the mechanical aspects enables a consistent, reliable and competitive solution in the market.

When conversation developed from standard product to a custom product, NEWAGE® | STAMFORD® | AvK® committed engineering resources, and worked through a bespoke project design. STAMFORD® HC5
included custom cooling design, a special environmental treatment and distinct windings to suit the customer requirements for rail application.

“The STAMFORD® option of removable feet made it easier to convert to underslung design for rail” - Stauffer Diesel (Stadco)

The capability to pull full current at all operating speeds (variable speed operation), resulted in a packaged design with forced air cooling. This forced air-cooling package allows variable speed capability up to 1900 RPM operation, and is currently providing an annual operation of 1000 hours/year.