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En toda infraestructura se necesita energía de reserva. From the everyday residential standby power that we rely on – all the way up to critical hospital power that we depend on – there is a premium NEWAGE® and STAMFORD® alternator that will guarantee the power stays running through adverse weather conditions, grid blackouts that we’re subjected to.

The availability of power varies greatly across the globe with access to energy strictly dependent on your geography and local electrical networks - that's where NEWAGE® and STAMFORD® alternators can step in and make a difference.

Nuestros alternadores para energía de reserva también vienen con calentadores (y todas las opciones de voltaje) y pueden entregarse con calentadores anticondensación para combatir la formación de condensación durante la noche luego de temperaturas altas.

If you would like to learn more about the ways NEWAGE® and STAMFORD® alternators can power your standby application contact our applications team.

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