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Presentamos el modelo mejorado y refrigerado de S7

Based on innovation built on over 100 years of STAMFORD® and AvK® expertise, the latest addition to the STAMFORD® S7 alternator range now features enhanced options, including water-cooling, allowing for optimum cooling in restricted spaces, with a choice of anti-friction or sleeve bearing to meet specification needs.

Designed for both Marine and Industrial applications the STAMFORD® S7 low voltage water-cooled range provides flexibility, uptime and endurance over a wide power range from 1425 to 2644 kVA, with a range of voltages from 380-690V.

STAMFORD® alternators are renowned world-wide for peace of mind. The S7 offers a class-leading three-year warranty, global service network in over 120 countries, a 24-hour dedicated service support and aftermarket support with regular parts availability. In addition to this, every alternator provides reassurance with STAMFORD® hologram verification to guarantee authenticity.

Uptime is maximised through flexibility of applications usage, including PTO (Power Take Out), PTI 4 (Power Take In) for Marine application and meets a wide range of marine classifications, including IP23 to IP54 and SOLAS.

To meet rigorous ISO8528 requirements, the NEWAGE® | STAMFORD® | AvK® design team ensured overload capability of 110% for every 'one in twelve hours' was supported, in addition to 3 x short circuit current handling capability for marine applications.

Endurance was key in the design of the S7, when considering arduous application requirements of this alternator. This included Class H insulation as standard for superior thermal life, validation at high ambient temperatures and anti-vibration mounts for high reliability.

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