Manufacturing Locations

Our STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators are produced in five manufacturing facilities across the globe: Xinrong (China), Xiangjiang (China), Craiova (Romania), Ahmednagar (India) and Ranjangaon (India), and world-class alternator technical testing and development services in Stamford (United Kingdom).


The first STAMFORD® brand alternators manufactured in China began back in 1996 in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province where two manufacturing facilities exist.

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The STAMFORD | AvK plant in Craiova was founded in 1999 and has been distributing alternators all over the world from the heart of Europe.

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The first STAMFORD® factory was built in Ahmednagar in 1992 with a second to follow in Ranjangaon in 2007 and production has risen ever since.

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United Kingdom

Headquartered in the UK, STAMFORD | AvK's heritage dates back to 1904 in the United Kingdom. Our Stamford facility based in Lincolnshire, UK, delivers world-class alternator technical testing and development services, with compliance to industry standards.

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