From gen set creation in Lincolnshire, UK to mining application in the Caribbean

Published On: June 25, 2020

When Lincolnshire, UK based global genset designer Welland Power needed 4 x Critical Standby alternators for a Mining Contractor in the Caribbean they didn’t have to look too far. Built on a reputation for quality and reliability plus a working partnership spanning over 25 years.

Specialising in worldwide export of complete generators and associated equipment, Welland looked to STAMFORD I AvK to support this project.

The alternators needed to be able to withstand a harsh corrosive environment for this Welland Power chose STAMFORD® products.

Reliability was also essential for this critical contact and confident of STAMFORD® P7 ability to deliver this. Welland were willing to work with STAMFORD I AvK to ensure that the genset enclosure was able to accommodate the alternators.

Each enclosure included a P7 alternator, with bespoke windings to meet the requirements of a 50Hz frequency at 480volts, plus a combined total of continuous 7855 kVA output; all specific requirements for the customers application. The gensets used in this project were assembled in the UK and set in a Welland Power manufactured enclosure.

“We use STAMFORD® in our products because of the exceptional quality and internationally accessible warranty.” - Owner, Charles Farrow

STAMFORD I AvK technical expertise in the mining application enables the selection of the most suitable electro-magnetic design for this special voltage and frequency combination (480V/50Hz), taking into consideration the magnetic flux levels and the internal reactance's to meet the requirements of the stringent load types within the mining application, ranging from cranes and excavators to wheel loaders and forklifts.