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STAMFORD® provides emergency power for private medical facility in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Published On: February 17, 2021

ELCOS has been operating in domestic and international markets for over forty-five years. Based in the province of Cremona, Northern Italy, it is an independent group that designs and produces power generation systems (emergency and self-production) for the international market.

For the hospital in Saudi Arabia, 4 generator sets were produced to withstand extreme environmental conditions, therefore the temperature rise and insulation class of the alternators were a key consideration for this project. Each unit required certification by SGS on a SABER platform to meet stringent Saudi requirements.

Each enclosure includes a VOLVO TAD733GE EU2 engine coupled with a STAMFORD® UCDI274K alternator. 2 units were wired 400/230V and 2 units were wired 220/127V with a combined total of 1000kVA output, built for this specific application.

The generator sets used in this project were assembled in Italy and transported to the private hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  

The country typically sees fierce competition  for projects with requirements such as lead time making a crucial difference and allowing the award of supply.

STAMFORD® was chosen as it is an extremely well known, reliable and appreciated brand in Saudi Arabia.” - Michela Zovadelli, ELCOS, Italy

ELCOS researches and develops products that use innovative technologies in order to optimise its production efficiency and performances provided by its systems, offering the user  (from 1 to 3150 kVA) a customised product.

Reliability was essential for this critical project and confident of STAMFORD® products, ELCOS were able to meet the  power requirements.