STAMFORD<sup>®</sup> alternators provide critical power for a Northern European based Data Centre

Published On: June 8, 2021

A Northern European based Data Centre collaborated with Visa S.p.A, Italy with a requirement for reliable gensets to support critical functions in total safety, preventing any loss of data and/or functionality of the databases, and ensuring the highest level of security at all times.

Reliability, robustness and cutting-edge technology was crucial to avoid any risks arising from the power failure of infrastructure. Specified to meet all requirements were 2 x STAMFORD® S6 and 2 x STAMFORD® P7 alternators, each with Class F (105/40°C) temperature rise and fitted with a STAMFORD® MX321™ AVR and PMG, assisting in the output of 3.6 MVA power.

To ensure low noise levels of the gensets and resistance to a degree of salt, this project required special canopies.

Each canopy was fitted with oversized integrated fuel tanks, 2,500 litres for the two 700kW gensets and 3,000 litres for the 800kW gensets. The internal structure of the machines were fitted with a lighting system, according to the customer specifications plus external light support to allow for additional lighting system.

Specific painting treatment was required for each canopy. The steel sheets were treated in advance with 6 different washing processes to prepare the surface before two layers of powder coating and final finishing paint with specific RAL colours, as per the customer specification.

The temperature inside the Data Centre, including air conditioning and proper ventilation for the storage devices, have been fundamental factors for defining specifications for the project. Fitted with a special controller, the alternators will run in parallel by the same emergency backup generators, operating automatically in case of power failure, thus preventing any loss of data or functionality.

"STAMFORD® alternators were specifically selected for their reliability and high level of quality." - Gianpaolo Curi, Purchasing Manager, Visa S.p.A

Visa S.p.A of Italy, established in the 1960s, is an industrial business and operates in almost 100 countries worldwide. Visa produces over 5000 gensets per year in their 45.000sqm plant, providing versatile high-tech energy solutions, in standard or customised version, guaranteeing a highly operational flexibility and qualitative standards, for which it has become a leader in the market during this time.