AvK<sup>®</sup> provides 17MW of power for diving support vessel

Published On: November 1, 2018

Seven Atlantic, the diving support vessel was designed by IHC Merwede Offshore & Marine in collaboration with its owner Subsea 7 and the maritime engineering company Bakker Sliedrecht. Its power is generated by 6 x AvK® DIG 156 synchronous alternators backed up with 1 emergency AvK® DSG 86 alternator, specified by Bakker Sliedrecht.

Being one of the most advanced and most capable diving vessels in the world, Seven Atlantic contains a broad range of diving and ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) equipment and a 120 ton crane for subsea on board. She also features a 24-man saturation diving system rated to 350m depth, twin diving bells orientated port and starboard with two hyperbaric lifeboats.

With a length of 145m and a breadth of 26m it is one of the largest diving support vessels worldwide. Bakker Sliedrecht, who is the world leading engineering company for complete electrical systems on high-engineered ships, was responsible for the delivery of the alternators, gensets and the emergency alternator, the entire electrical installation on the vessel, the main switchboards, various frequency drives and propulsion motors, the motors for the thrusters and several rotating converters.

The 6 x AvK® DIG 156 diesel alternators on Seven Atlantic are divided over three engine rooms and have a maximum output of 3,600kVA, a speed of 720rpm, a voltage of 6,660V and a frequency of 60Hz. The AvK® DSG 86 alternator has a maximum output of 1,875kVA, speed of 1,800rpm, voltage of 440V and a frequency of 60Hz.

This is only one of many projects where Bakker Sliedrecht have specified AvK® alternators. The reputation for quality and reliability, coupled with outstanding technical support made STAMFORD | AvK the logical partner for Bakker. Seven Atlantic's sister ship, the Seven Pacific, also part of the Subsea 7 fleet, features 5 x AvK® alternators providing again 17MW of power, is also now fully operational.

"STAMFORD | AvK has been partnering with Bakker to provide industry leading AvK® alternators for many years. This partnership provides dedicated technical support to ensure that Bakker Sliedrecht selects the right product to meet their needs."

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