Providing reliable traction power solutions for both passenger and freight applications

Published On: February 28, 2024

Woodward Mega, a company established in 1990 , specialises in the design and commissioning of regulator and control systems for generator sets. Over the years, Woodward Mega has grown to become a leader in the power solutions industry, offering a wide range of services including generator set refurbishment/modernisation and diesel locomotive control systems. With a strong focus on energy management, nuclear safety systems, generator sets, diesel locomotives, and turbine controls, Woodward Mega has successfully delivered innovative solutions to various clients, including Hungarian, Croatian, Lithuanian and Latvian Railways.

One of Woodward Mega's notable achievements was the development of the first locomotive system in 1995. This system was specifically designed for the refurbishment and modernisation of the A25 series shunting locomotive of the Tisza Chemical Group. By optimising traction performance and engine fuel consumption, Woodward Mega provided an ideal alignment between engine speed and traction excitation, resulting in improved efficiency.

Following this succes, Woodward Mega delivered complex locomotive control systems in large quantities to the Hungarian Railways for the modernisation of their M44, M62, and M41 series locomotives. These systems not only enhanced the traction functions but also provided complete auxiliary control. Additionally, Woodward Mega's expertise extended to the management of tandem locomotive controls for the Lithuanian Railways, ensuring seamless operation of the 2M62 twin locomotives.

Powering the future of railways

Railway locomotives play a vital role in transporting both passengers and freight efficiently and reliably. To ensure the seamless operation of these locomotives, a reliable and powerful alternator is essential. STAMFORD | AvK alternators are a trusted choice for railway operators around the world, providing optimal performance even in challenging conditions, with the AvK DSG alternator range integrated in extensive locomotive projects operated by Hungarian Railways, Croatian Railways, Lithuanian Railways, and Latvian Railways.

STAMFORD | AvK range of alternators are currently powering rail networks throughout the world. AvK DSG alternators are known for their durability and long-lasting performance. They are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of railway operations ad provide reliable power for extended periods of time. With their robust performance, efficient power delivery and reliable operation, AvK alternators make them a trusted choice for railway operators worldwide, offering optimal performance and peace of mind.