Standby power solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing company

Published On: June 23, 2023

Reliability was critical for Elcos when they created a standby power solution for a pharmaceutical client, where STAMFORD® S-Range was the ideal choice.

Elcos have been developing, producing, selling and installing power generation systems for over 45 years and are one of Italy’s largest power generation businesses producing 700 MW of systems per annum. Elcos machines are sold worldwide and employed in different segments such as rental, telecom and healthcare. Elcos were trusted to provide critical back-up power for a customer in Ticino, the only wholly Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland.

Ticino is a real hub for pharmaceutical businesses and the local trade association, Farma Industria Ticino, has over 50 member companies employing more than three thousand people across the canton. One such pharmaceutical manufacturer approached Elcos to provide 1250kVA of standby power capability. This demand perfectly suited the container-housed product range within the Elcos portfolio.

Proven reliability for peace of mind
The generator set was powered by a Baudouin 12M33G1250/5 engine coupled to a STAMFORD® S6 alternator. The STAMFORD® S6 has a voltage output of 380 to 480V and can deliver 810 to 1695kVA. Like all alternators in the STAMFORD® S-Range, it benefits from the 3-year warranty and a CoreCooling™ high-efficiency air flow system, which achieves improved thermal performance alongside increased power density. STAMFORD® alternators are world-renowned for their reliability, quality and 24/7 global support network, enabling maximum peace of mind for gen set owners.

The Elcos container generator set can be silenced up to 50 dB(A) at 7 metres, with RINA certification and can be equipped with a number of customised features including light systems, auxiliary outlets, heaters with thermostats and motor-driven grids. Elcos work with their customers to ensure the correct specification to meet the specific requirements of each project.

“The STAMFORD® S6 was the perfect choice for us on this project” says Marco Rozzi - CEO of Elcos. “The most important thing for our customer was reliability, knowing that the standby power would be there whenever required. We didn’t hesitate to specify the STAMFORD® as they have proven their reliability over many years of us working together, and the three-year warranty on the S6 alternator gives us extra peace of mind."