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Cummins Generator Technologies habla en el seminario de infraestructura en El Cairo

Following the Egyptian government's recently unveiled plans to build a $45bn new capital city to the east of Cairo, Al Mohandes International (AMI) hosted a seminar for power generation consultants and specifiers in the heart of Cairo on 29th April 2015.

With infrastructure spend on target to hit record levels, the seminar focused on how AMI 'supported by their strong relationship with STAMFORD alternators' are perfectly positioned to facilitate the growth of new infrastructure in the country.

The seminar attracted over 220 consultants and specifiers from the public, transport and energy sectors brought together by the reputation that AMI and STAMFORD have in North Africa.

Based on their relationship, experience and the extensive knowledge of power generation applications in the most challenging of environments in North Africa, Cummins Generator Technologies was invited by AMI to be part of the event. Also highlighted in the presentation were the specific power applications for the products as well as an introduction of the AvK alternator range to the region.

AMI, based in Cairo, Egypt, is a specialised diesel generator set manufacturer founded in 1983. Their 12,000sqm facility produces over 1,500 generator sets with output ranges up to 3,000 kVA across both low and medium voltages.

Cummins Generator Technologies has proudly been supplying AMI with genuine STAMFORD alternators ever since the first sales agreement was signed in 1991.