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Una nueva instalación de clase mundial dedicada la producción de STAMFORD, P80 alternator range has been opened at the Barnack Road home of STAMFORD in the UK. As a result of this multi-million dollar investment, Cummins Generator Technologies will not only be able to meet increased demand for the products, but also offer advanced manufacturing and test facilities ensuring all P80 alternators continue to be built to the highest of customer quality expectations.

As a newly available product brochure†explains, the production facility upgrade means world class safety for Cummins Generator Technologies employees, a purpose built flow line, reduced lead-times for customers, an engineered material flow and fully integrated test and paint processes.

STAMFORD alternators are renowned for superior build quality, longevity and electrical safety, and the†STAMFORD P80 range models are no different. This range of 4-pole, single or two bearing Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) controlled alternators spans 2,000 ' 5,000 kVA in low, medium and high voltages (up to 690V, 4160 V, and 13,800 V, respectively).

The†STAMFORD P80 design features an optimised strength and output to weight ratio through an innovative cast and welded modular construction. STAMFORD most advanced Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) excitation system, built to the highest standard in reliability, response and stability, is standard on all alternators in the range.

The new STAMFORD P80 testing facility

Through best-in-class design and manufacturing, the†STAMFORD P80 is built to meet the specific requirements of standby, prime power, or critical protection environments. A new Product Selector tool, launched on the Cummins Generator Technologies website, enables alternators to be matched against power requirements. Once registered you will be able to download:

  • Overviews of product features and options
  • Installation and Maintenance manuals
  • Technical data sheets
  • General arrangement drawings
  • Rotor torsional drawings

The new Product Selector is accessible from our home page,, via the 'Products' sub-menu. You can also visit to find out how we are protecting our customers and their businesses against the dangers of illegal, counterfeit and imitation products and taking action.