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Alternator counterfeiters defeated

At NEWAGE® | STAMFORD® | AvK®, we have been running an anti-counterfeit campaign since 2011 in order to protect our customers from the possibility of financial loss, safety and quality issues which are caused by counterfeit machines and spares. One of the key methods to enable authenticity with STAMFORD® alternators is a high security 3D hologram, that can be verified via our website. Between 2018 and 2019, we saw a 40% increase in verifications, and over 50,000 visits to our anti-counterfeit related content.

Today, we can report the outcome of the latest successful legal action we have taken protecting the renowned STAMFORD® brand.

The Nanjing Court of Jiangsu found that the Chinese company, Beijing SITANFU, were guilty of Trademark infringement when using "STANDFOR/斯坦福" as their company name. They also used the “斯坦福” character on their official website, including product introduction, in addition to using the same colour red as per our corporate identity to further confuse. The use of the “STANDFOR/斯坦福” character was also found on the counterfeit alternator nameplates, with the “斯坦福” character also used as part of the signage on their buildings.

Unfair competition and Trademark infringement are a serious problem and as a result the Nanjing Court of Jiangsu passed sentencing that included a mandatory name change for the guilty party’s company name, a requirement to cease all Trademark infringement using “斯坦福” character, and a substantial fine to compensate for economic losses. 

Counterfeiting poses serious risks to your business and staff therefore we are actively fighting against it. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Shutting down counterfeiters stands at trade shows
  • Working with port authorities to seize counterfeit alternator shipments and destroy them
  • Working with Intellectual Property lawyers to investigate and prosecute counterfeiters where ever they are, globally.

To protect our customers from what has become a global threat, we have adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ strategy to fight the counterfeiters. We continue to relentlessly pursue infringement of our Intellectual Property rights around the world to safeguard both our business, and those of all our loyal business partners, who continue to understand the benefits of using the genuine STAMFORD® brand. The message to the market has strengthened since the campaign launch and end users are increasingly aware of the importance of buying counterfeit, as seen by this year, which is estimated to be the highest number of hologram verifications to date.

For more information on ensuring genuine alternators, visit: