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Celebrating 120 Years of Powering Trust

Published On: January 23, 2024

For 120 years, STAMFORD® alternators have been the driving force behind reliable and efficient power generation worldwide. From propelling the industrial revolution to sustaining critical services and infrastructure - hospitals, data centres, telecom services and transport systems to name a few - the STAMFORD® brand has woven itself into the fabric of our society.

As the global demand for clean and sustainable energy rises, STAMFORD is poised to lead the way with its commitment to innovation and sustainability. STAMFORD has invested heavily in research and development, expanded alternative fuel options, and implemented sustainability initiatives across its global manufacturing facilities.

Originating in 1904 as the Cutting Brother Electrical Engineering Company Stamford, the year it all began for the business that is today known as STAMFORD | AvK (Cummins Generator Technologies), the STAMFORD brand has evolved from the steam-driven era to become a global leader in alternators, generators, and power systems. Its early alternators played a crucial role in electrifying rural areas, and over the years STAMFORD has continued to push the boundaries of power generation technology.

The Evolution of a Global Alternator Leader


In response to the current global shift towards cleaner energy, STAMFORD is focused on reducing greenhouse gases and harmful emissions. STAMFORD has already engineered 'agnostic' alternators that effectively work with alternative fuels, including hydrogen. STAMFORD alternators are making strides in various industries, from power generation to marine applications.

Sustainability is not just a goal for STAMFORD | AvK; it starts from home. The business has implemented measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions and waste at its manufacturing facilities in China, Romania and India and at the Alternator Technology Centre in the UK. Changes in product designs, such as reducing mass and carbon emissions, showcase STAMFORD's dedication to environmental responsibility.

The STAMFORD | AvK alternators, known for their robust engineering, cover a wide range of power, from 7.5 kVA to 11,200 kVA, suitable for diverse applications and challenging environments worldwide. The S-Range, including models like S7 and S9, leads the industry with innovations like CoreCooling™ technology, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Your Future Ready Power Partner


Looking ahead, STAMFORD | AvK engineers are exploring the potential of variable speed generators, anticipating significant savings and adaptability to renewable energy sources. STAMFORD | AvK envisions a continued reliance on the engine and alternator as the backbone of the power business for the forseeable future.

In addition to technological advancements, STAMFORD | AvK maintains its commitment to round-the-clock aftermarket support, ensuring world-class service for its entire product range. As the world navigates the complexities of achieving a net-zero carbon future, STAMFORD | AvK stands ready to provide bespoke strategic support to its customers.

The pioneering spirit that launched STAMFORD into the world 120 years ago continues to drive the business forward, embracing new challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving landscape of power generation.

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