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The Alternator Technology Centre; our reliability partner solution for your business

With a rich heritage of technical innovation and industry leading production methods, the Alternator Technology Centre continues to deliver superior products to you now and into the future.

Being a leading supplier into the global power generation market, the UK based Alternator Technology Centre helps to provide advanced, proven, alternator solutions to meet all customer needs.

The world class facility includes production, test, and development facilities – a location where you can irrevocably confirm compliance to industry standards.

The new facility brings the ability to resolutely demonstrate the capabilities so central to the STAMFORD® and AvK® premium brands and underline the core durability and reliability of the full product ranges.

Virtual Reality Tour

Take a look around the Alternator Technology Centre with our virtual reality tour.

Key features of the Alternator Technology Centre:

  • Product manufacturing
  • Product tailoring
  • Alternator witness testing
  • Gen-set witness testing
  • Product training
  • Service training


The Alternator Technology Centre Capabilities

Generator Set Integration

• Facilitate the integration of STAMFORD I AvK products in to your generator sets

• We make it easy - 5 simple stages of integration

• 12 -14 weeks from initial discussion to validated design

• Validation and acceptance tests

Site Tests & Failure Investigation

• Installation quality assurance on generator set only and at the site can be completed to give you peace of mind

• Extensive field monitoring capabilities for investigating potential issues in the field

Witness Testing

• Witness tests on alternators

• Witness tests on generator sets up to 3 MW

• IP testing of alternators

Advanced Component Testing

• Linear vibration analysis and testing on alternators / generator sets

• Torsional testing

• Endurance testing of alternators and generator sets

• Tri-axial vibration testing for any excitation profile depending on size and weight of test specimen

Service Training & Specialised Training

• Comprehensive service training package available

• Specialist / customised training is also available on request


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Telephone: +44 (0)1733 395300