Providing reliable backup power solutions for leading supermarket chain

Published On: March 12, 2024

The Khonaysser Group, head office in Beirut was established in 1960, as a reputable supplier of high-quality generator sets and a leading provider of backup power solutions with branches in the UAE, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In today's ever-changing power solution landscape, the importance of reliable and efficient generators cannot be overstated.

Khonaysser's end customer, Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon S.A.L. (GMRL), established in 1996, is a leading multinational supermarket chain throughout Lebanon. After a 23-year of shutting down due the civil war GMRL made a successful comeback with its flagship brand, Spinneys, and today it serves a diverse range of customers as a one-stop-shop for all their retail needs across 15 branches.

GMRL faced significant challenges meeting their power requirements, due to inadequate supply from the main grid which left them vulnerable to potential failures, jeopardising their goods and valuable customers. Addressing this urgent need for a robust power solution was a crucial factor in GMRL's decision to choose Khonaysser for their expertise and innovative products.

The collaboration between STAMFORD | AvK and Khonaysser made a significant difference in addressing GMRL's power requirements across multiple sites. STAMFORD UC, S4 and S5 alternators, equipped with a droop kit for synchronisation operation were coupled with Volvo Penta engines to meet the overall project demands. Design considerations for the generator sets included addressing noise levels for residential areas and adapting to diverse altitudes and temperatures due to the presence of multiple stores in different locations.

The dedicated STAMFORD S-range has enhanced thermal management through CoreCooling™ high efficiency air flow system. Each S4 and S5 alternator can achieve improved thermal performance alongside increased power density. This range is also offered with a class-leading 3 year warranty. STAMFORD alternators are world-renowned for their reliability, quality and 24/7 network, enabling maximum peace of mind for generator set owners.

The successful collaboration between STAMFORD | AvK and Khonaysser resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and has not only ensured uninterrupted operations but has also increased customer confidence in GMRL's ability to deliver exceptional service.

"The collaboration further strengthened our trust in STAMFORD | AvK as a reliable power solutions provider" - Khonaysser Motors

With STAMFORD | AvK and Khonaysser's continuous support, GMRL is well-positioned to remain a leader in the retail industry, delivering excellence and innovation to their customers which remains crucial for their growth and expansion plans.

The installation of the generating sets at GMRL's flagship stores in Beirut, Lebanon was a successful implementation. Committed to sustainability, GMRL integrated solar panel farms and energy-saving strategies into their power infrastructure, further enhancing the environmental aspect of the project.