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When it comes to your search for a supplier with a proven track record and in-depth knowledge of the critical protection market, you can rely on Cummins Generator Technologies. Our highly efficient product range is ideally suited to meet the specific requirements of the UPS market and is consistently chosen for many of the large data centre operators globally. STAMFORD and AvK alternators support UPS systems that provide uninterrupted power delivery to electronic and electrical applications, including those of many cloud operators. Typically, uninterrupted power delivery occurs for several minutes to several hours, depending largely on the specifications of energy storage present in the system. UPS systems containing our alternators conduct the following functions: Transit time to bridge power with a generator-set Provide time to conduct a proper shutdown of the network preventing data loss Provide ride through power during short power outages or voltage fluctuations.

50Hz kVA: 3-19
60Hz kW: 2-19
50Hz kVA: 7-20
60Hz kW: 4-20
50Hz kVA: 8-47
60Hz kW: 6-48
50Hz kVA: 8-30
60Hz kW: 7-29
50Hz kVA: 10-50
60Hz kW: 7-46
50Hz kVA: 35-62
60Hz kW: 34-60
50Hz kVA: 26-85
60Hz kW: 35-83
50Hz kVA: 81-250
60Hz kW: 75-250
50Hz kVA: 200-610
60Hz kW: 182-610
50Hz kVA: 215-400
60Hz kW: 204-400
50Hz kVA: 210-430
60Hz kW: 245-535
50Hz kVA: 435-1390
60Hz kW: 348-1112
50Hz kVA: 390-675
60Hz kW: 370-674
50Hz kVA: 490-1230
60Hz kW: 456-1270
50Hz kVA: 450-750
60Hz kW: 525-937
50Hz kVA: 600-2000
60Hz kW: 552-1920
50Hz kVA: 670-2990
60Hz kW: 585-2726
50Hz kVA: 650-1100
60Hz kW: 624-1320
50Hz kVA: 800-2500
60Hz kW: 696-2356
50Hz kVA: 1220-4700
60Hz kW: 1136-4240
50Hz kVA: 2168-3875
60Hz kW: 1920-3800
50Hz kVA: 2080-5000
60Hz kW: 1920-4752
50Hz kVA: 2265-3911
60Hz kW: 2080-3571
50Hz kVA: 2650-4264
60Hz kW: 2520-4152