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Graphic steps for verifying your STAMFORD AvK alternator

Enter the 7 digit hologram number to verify your STAMFORD alternator here


The hard won reputation of the STAMFORD alternator brand for built-in quality, reliability and innovation has attracted counterfeiters who illegally label their product STAMFORD, yet fail to deliver on quality, efficiency, safety and machine life.

To protect our customers from what has become a global threat, Cummins Generator Technologies has adopted a ‘zero tolerance’ strategy to fight the counterfeiters.

Some counterfeit alternators displaying the STAMFORD brand may inevitably get to market, so to enable authenticity, we affix all new STAMFORD alternators will a high security 3D hologram. To authenticate your STAMFORD alternator, key in your 7 digit hologram number (indicated opposite) at the secure website.

In the event of a failed online verification please email for impartial assistance.


The STAMFORD hologram is on the alternator's Tracking Label
hologram location