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Genuine Stamford Design
12 month warranty
Analog voltage regulator
Self Excited
CE Compliant
Worldwide stock
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The AS480 is an analogue, 2-phase sensing, self-excited automatic voltage regulator (AVR) incorporating an interface for the optional Excitation Boost System (EBS) for improved motor starting performance and sustained short circuit.

The AS480 is provided as standard on STAMFORD® P0 and P1 alternators. To ensure your AS480 is genuine, purchase it from an authorised STAMFORD | AvK dealer.


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Why buy genuine?

Genuine AVRs

  • Minimise risk of play and equipment failure
  • Maximise power supply security
  • Matched performance capability to ensure alternator stability
  • Tested to react in emergencies, triggering support protection systems
  • Peace of mind

     Download the STAMFORD | AvK AVR Information