Our History - The beginnings

When the Cutting Brothers first established their company in 1904, not only did it put the town of Stamford, UK, on the electrical machinery map, it also provided the start point of a journey that took an organisation from humble beginnings to one now recognised as a true global leader in the power generation industry.

As with many early 20th century businesses, the organisation went thought various changes, both in terms of ownership, mergers and acquisitions along the way.

Early beginnings; Arthur Lyons and naming of NEWAGE

During those times, with a product line moving more towards the supply of alternators, names such as Collins Electric, Tempest Diesels (Newage Marine), NEWAGE (Northern Electric Wireless and General Engineering Company) and Arthur Lyons also added to what had become a rich vein of knowledge in alternator design and manufacture. Indeed, the Newage name was taken as the company name, eventually becoming synonymous with the provision of the industry leading STAMFORD® brand of alternators.

Cummins acquisition of ONAN, MARKON and AvK

In 1986, as part of the ONAN group, Newage international Ltd was acquired by the US based Cummins Engine company, and in 1987 saw the acquisition of the MARKON company. The organisation further developed and strengthened both its product portfolio and wider capabilities in 2002 when AvK Deutschland GmbH, another long standing and renowned alternator manufacturer since 1919 also joined and brought with it the AvK® brand.

Becoming STAMFORD | AvK (Cummins Generator Technologies)

STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators, to this day, are renowned throughout the power generation industry for dependability and pioneering innovation, from 7.5-11,200kVA. The organisation went through another name change in 2006, when it moved from NEWAGE-AvK to that of STAMFORD | AvK (Cummins Generator Technologies).

Throughout our history we have also successfully navigated a very dynamic market place and as a result have a proud heritage both in terms of product development across the years to match those needs, including several world firsts;

  • First self-regulating alternator
  • First rotating field alternator
  • First PMG for AVR excitation
  • First UL certification for HV products

Our innovation continues in terms of the organisational shape of sales channels and production facilities that continue to adapt in ways that mirror the requirements of all the local markets.

With five modern, cutting-edge production facilities globally, a sales, distributor, and dealer network second to none supporting all regions and time-zones, and a continuously developing product portfolio, the business is ideally positioned to continues its journey in the 21st Century.

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Heritage Brochure