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Whether you are shipbuilding, on board or at the dockyard providing power to the ship from onshore, you will need dependable power solutions which can meet the arduous environment of working with salt water.

All STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators meet the classification requirements of all major marine societies and have type approval with a few which avoids the need for marine inspectors to look at every alternator we produce, reducing inspection costs and testing charges for our customers.

Alternator protection available

  • Heaters and louvres - mandatory for the environment
  • Current transformers - for electrical performance
  • IP ratings - to protect your alternator from the environment

STAMFORD® and AvK® marine alternators can be provided with a default ambient temperature of 50°C and are also supplied at 45°C.

Shaft generators

Our alternators can be operated to complete a number of key shaft generator activities:

  • PTO - operation as shaft alternator for boardnet supply only
  • PTI - operation as shaft motor for 'booster'
  • PTH - complete solution including PTH and start-up transformer

If you would like to learn more about the ways STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators can power your marine application, download our application brochure or contact our applications team.