STAMFORD<sup>®</sup> alternators help restore 86 year old vessel as part of the Dunkirk restoration project

Published On: January 20, 2022

Dunkirk Little Ship Restoration Project Ltd, based in Hartlepool, approached Generator Solutions for a compact alternator for their small vessel as part of its restoration.

The ship, which is now 86 years old, was built in Great Yarmouth, UK in 1935, known as the M.V. Coronia and was taken over by the Admiralty for war duties and renamed H.M.S. Watchful on September 16, 1939.

H.M.S. Watchful sailed to Dunkirk and returned three times, saving 900 lives in the mass evacuation process.

After Dunkirk, the steel ship returned to the east coast ports to serve out the rest of the war, but its condition worsened in recent years and extensive repairs were needed.

The client required a single phase machine and was unable to clarify whether the adapter and coupling disc were suitable.

The STAMFORD® PM144H1 stock alternator, fitted with an SAE 4 adaptor and a 7.5 coupling disc was suitable in comparison to what was required. Whilst Generator Solutions compared their parts to the upfit stock, it was ascertained that they needed a SAE 3 adaptor with an 11.5 disc. During the process the alternator was rewired to single phase and upfitted to specification requirements.

The ship is currently being renovated in time for the 90th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuations, to take part in a convoy sail with other remaining Dunkirk ships, across the English Channel.

"We felt honoured to be able to support this wonderful ship restoration and hope it has many more years of use ahead." - Geir Wessel, Generator Solutions

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