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New biogas fuelled CHP plant requires STAMFORD® HC4 power

Published On: January 28, 2019

STAMFORD | AvK specified for New Biogas Fuelled CHP Plant

A local consortium of farmers required four gensets for a brand new biogas power plant in northern Germany. SCHNELL was responsible for the design and installation, and specified four industrial STAMFORD® HC4 generators, rated at 350 kVA each.

The founders of the power plant supply agricultural matter, which is then fermented to create biogas. The gas is converted into electricity and supplied to the grid, whilst the waste heat is captured and used to heat a nearby commercial greenhouse and the regional SCHNELL company building.

When SCHNELL began work on a biogas plant in Rodewald, Germany, they knew they could rely on highly efficient, reliable STAMFORD® HC4 alternators to deliver on this brand new project.

The power plant was commissioned by a consortium, Erneuerbare Energien GmbH & Co, featuring ten farmers from local surrounding villages. The plant consists of four dual fuel 265 kW gensets running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing dependable continuous power. Agricultural matter is used to fuel the plant: 40% animal slurry and 60% fermented biomass consisting of corn, rye and grass, among others.

This project is a great example of a CHP plant; in addition to producing electricity to sell to the public grid, energy typically wasted is captured and used to heat the SCHNELL company building and a commercial greenhouse nearby, home to a family run horticulture business.

The gensets reach industry leading electrical efficiencies of 47% by using additional efficiency enhancements, thus providing a maximum return on investment for the customer, which is expected within eight years.

"Having been a long-standing customer, SCHNELL knew that they could rely on STAMFORD® alternators to deliver outstanding value on this brand new project."

The gensets used in this power plant were assembled at SCHNELL’s headquarters in Amtzell, southern Germany, where STAMFORD® HC4 generators were coupled with Scania SCHNELL engines.

Confidence in STAMFORD® generators to provide great value over the lifetime of this project is clear. As a customer of STAMFORD | AvK, SCHNELL benefit from having highly trained, knowledgeable engineers at their disposal, a dedicated account manager, as well as the assurance of our premium after sales support service.

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