STAMFORD<sup>®</sup> P80 alternators power major Colombian oil and gas site

Published On: March 22, 2019

Oil & Gas site specifies STAMFORD® P80 alternators for complex onshore project.

A continuous power requirement in Colombia’s oil sector is being met by STAMFORD® P80 alternators. Specialist genset manufacturer IGSA from Mexico specified the premium alternators from STAMFORD | AvK, which were coupled with Cummins engines to make a 2.5MW genset design that meets the highest quality standards in a demanding application.

IGSA supplied the two gensets through their local distributor Antonio Spath Co. to one of the largest oil & gas multinational companies operating in Colombia. The company is a leading explorer and producer of natural gas and crude oil, with operations focused in Latin America.

The complete system is an arrangement of four generator sets that deliver 9MW of continuous power to a crude oil extraction site.

IGSA undertakes operations in a wide variety of fields including: energy and cogeneration, computing and telecoms, health and medical, and oil & gas.

IGSA has earned a reputation for high quality standards and strong local support across the oil and gas sector. On this occasion, the final customer required IGSA to deliver a generator set design that would produce 2.5MW of standby power. For alternator supply, IGSA chose to team up with STAMFORD | AvK, as it has done frequently before, because STAMFORD® not only has a strong brand reputation, it is also highly regarded for delivering outstanding value, short lead times and technical expertise. The technical support in particular proved crucial to the success of this project.

The two alternators specified were low voltage variants of the STAMFORD® P80 range, fitted with anti-condensation heaters, plus droop current transformers, to support parallel operation. These two alternators were paired with Cummins G-Drive QSK78 G7 engines.

One of the clear successes of the project was that IGSA, STAMFORD | AvK and the G-Drive team were able to work very closely together.

"We can trust in STAMFORD | AvK to work with us on complex projects requiring short lead times, reliable equipment, technical support and teamwork."

“The main challenge was to work as a team to deliver the promised dates to the end user,” says STAMFORD | AvK Sales Manager - Mexico & Central America. “Our customer service and technical team offered excellent support to the IGSA team to keep the project on track and delivery on time.”

The great co-operation and co-ordination between STAMFORD | AvK and the Cummins Engine business greatly impressed IGSA. As a longstanding customer, IGSA knew they could rely on the quality and durability of STAMFORD® alternators for their customer. “We can trust in Cummins to work with us on complex projects requiring short lead times, reliable equipment, technical support and teamwork. We are sure we will be very successful together in the future and I am glad to work with STAMFORD | AvK,” commented IGSA's Commercial Director.

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