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NEWAGE® - a legacy of certainty, regenerated for today

Originally founded in 1935, Newage International alternator products were acknowledged as a world leader in alternators 8-5000kVA, making history in producing the first brushless alternator. 80 years on and the legacy of NEWAGE® is regenerated as our newest alternator brand to serve today's market needs. Compact yet powerful the NEWAGE® range adds to the STAMFORD® and AvK® brand portfolio, powering the world up to 11,200kVA.

In March 2020, Cummins Generator Technologies reintroduced the Newage reference as their third alternator brand, NEWAGE®. NEWAGE® joins the existing portfolio of alternators, STAMFORD® and AvK®, as the low voltage solution up to 300kVA for today’s market needs.

The NEWAGE® range includes fit for market alternators with a focus on a compact design for maximum power density and digital AVR technology.

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History of NEWAGE®

Before NEWAGE AvK became Cummins Generator Technologies, the company gained nearly one hundred years of experience in building electrical machines on the main manufacturing site in Stamford, United Kingdom.

Prior to the merge with AvK®, Newage (the name created from the full title, Northern Electric Wireless and General Engineering Company) was founded in Manchester, UK in 1935 to manufacture alternator sets and air compressors.

NEWAGE International

Through manufacturing and international expansion of distribution in the 1960s and 1970's and acquisition and corporate restructuring in the 1980s and 1990s Newage was acknowledged as the world leader in alternators in the range 8 kVA to 2000 kVA.


  • 80 years on and the legacy of NEWAGE® is regenerated to serve today's market needs.
  • If you are looking for NEWAGE parts or servicing, you will need to talk to your local dealer


1935 - NEWAGE established in Manchester, UK to manufacture alternator sets and air compressors.
1948 - Arthur Lyon & Co, London acquired by NEWAGE Engineers.
1950 - NEWAGE Engineers acquires STAMFORD® Electrical and transfers Arthur Lyon & Co alternator business to Barnack Road site, UK.
1964 - NEWAGE Group acquired by Charterhouse bank. Business portfolio consists of transmissions, compressors, pumps, marine propulsion, industrial engines, alternators and general engineering.
1965 - Arthur Lyon Ltd and NEWAGE (Manchester) Ltd consolidated all generator production at the Barnack Road site. Company renamed NEWAGE Lyon Ltd.
1967 - NEWAGE Lyon produces the world’s first brushless alternator.
1969-1977 - NEWAGE subsidiary companies established in USA, Canada, Italy France, Norway, Australia, Spain, Germany and Singapore.
1973 - NEWAGE produce world’s first alternator utilising a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) for AVR excitation.
1979 - Last slip ring machines produced.
1980 - Received Queen’s Award for UK export business.
1984 - Onan Corporation acquires alternator business of NEWAGE Engineers Ltd.
1985 - Cooper Industries acquires McGraw Edison, majority shareholder of Onan Corporation.
1986 - Cummins Engine Company Inc. acquires Cooper Industries' holding in Onan Corporation and becomes majority owner of NEWAGE.
1987 - NEWAGE acquires MARKON Engineering, Oakham, UK manufacturer of 2 & 4 pole 2 kVA - 1875 kVA alternators.
1988 - NEWAGE name changed to NEWAGE International Ltd.
1991 - Alternator production commences in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.
1992 - Cummins acquires remaining shares of Onan Corporation from Hawker Siddeley Group.
1992 - Joint venture with Crompton Greeves Ltd. for production of alternators in Ahmednagar, India.
1996 - Joint venture with Jiangsu Haixing Electric Machinery Group for production of generators in Wuxi, China.
1997 - Power Products Division established for production of 2-5 MW and MV & HV machines.
2001 - New factory opened in San Louis Potosi, Mexico for the production of alternators to 850 kVA. Business transferred from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
2001 - Joint venture with Sawafuji Electric Company of Japan to manufacture and distribute 2 pole alternators from 0.1 kVA to 15 kVA at the MARKON site in Oakham, United Kingdom.
2001 - Consolidation of AvK SEG and NEWAGE.
2001 - NEWAGE and AvK SEG complete the business combination. The announcement was made jointly by Newage Managing Director Steven Zeller and AvK SEG Chairman Werner Schmitz at the PowGen Europe Exhibition in Brussels on May 30th. Final approval was issued by the German Cartel office on October 11th 2001.
2006 - NEWAGE AvK SEG changes it's name to Cummins Generator Technologies, in line with the Cummins branding strategy.
2006 - Cummins sells SEG to Woodward Governor of the US in October.
2020 - NEWAGE® is regenerated to serve today's market.