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Manufacturing Locations

Manufacturing Locations

Our STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators are produced in six manufacturing facilities across the globe: Xinrong (China), Xiangjiang (China), Craiova (Romania), Stamford (United Kingdom), Ahmednagar (India) and Ranjangaon (India)

The first STAMFORD® brand alternators manufactured in China began back in 1996 in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province where two manufacturing facilities exist.

The STAMFORD | AvK plant in Craiova was founded in 1999 and has been distributing alternators all over the world from the heart of Europe.

Our presence of building alternators in Stamford, UK dates back to 1904.

The first STAMFORD® factory was built in Ahmednagar in 1992 with a second to follow in Ranjangaon in 2007 and production has risen ever since.