Published On: January 30, 2019

Setting up power in a mining environment requires an alternator that is unrivalled in reliability. Whether you require efficient and powerful alternators for continuous prime power in the power house or rugged traction alternators to get things moving, we’ve got you covered.

Critical for mining applications is your generators ability to be both portable and good at air filtration whether situated deep underground or at surface level.

Air filters

In order to ensure alternator performance in mining conditions we have rigorously tested and developed air filtration systems to ensure your power supply isn't hampered.

Typically, our standard mining product will come with a filter, resulting in a ratings adjustment (over-sizing required) which you can discuss with your STAMFORD® and AvK® applications engineer.

If your alternator is not well maintained in these environments you can see a short-lifespan, however, when appropriately sized and applied, your alternator can keep producing for the duration of your projects.