Oil & Gas

Published On: January 30, 2019

The search for oil often leads to extreme conditions, either on sea or on land, where dusty desert conditions or offshore platforms can affect an alternators performance.

At STAMFORD® and AvK® we provide total environmental protection, delivering the reliability and durability demanded by you and designed to suit your project.


Our onshore capabilities extend to uses on exploration drilling rigs and refineries where they may perform multi-purposes like drilling operation, hotel loads and pump extraction.


Offshore our alternators are mainly used in drilling rigs support vessels providing prime power, drilling operation and platform propulsion when used on floating rigs.

ATEX certification is not available on our STAMFORD® and AvK® alternators, if you like to discuss this more or learn about the solutions we can offer to oil and gas project managers contact our applications team. 

Download Oil and Gas Applications Brochure (ENG)

Download Oil and Gas Applications Brochure (ESP)