Maintenance Support

Scheduled service and repair are vital to the reliable operation of your alternator and the safety of those who come in contact with it. In order to maximise the longevity of your alternator some key components need to be replaced regularly.

Alternator Maintenance Reminder Service

Register for alternator maintenance reminders and receive email notifications on planned maintenance service schedules information on maximising the longevity of your alternator. Service reminders will follow the below approximate time schedule based on the date you enter in your registration form.



Month Service

Post Commission


Year Service

1,000 Hour


Year Service

10,000 Hour


Year Service

30,000 Hour

Please note, this service is a reminder guideline only and you should always consult your operator's manual or Authorised Parts and Service Dealer for the specific service and interval information.

  • To sign up for maintenance reminders, you will need to have your serial number to hand.
  • Where can I find my serial number?
  • Your serial number consists of 10 digits, made up of an alphabetical and numerical sequence. The number is located on your product nameplate.
Serial Number


Alternator Service Guide


  • Comprehensive service guides for your AvK® alternator can be found in the Recommended Service Scheduling section of the AvK® manuals.
  • Specific serviceable parts for your alternator are available from your local Authorised Parts and Service Dealers.