Applied Technical Services

The Applied Technical Services team can help to test the mechanical, electronic and power performance of your alternator with a range of different testing equipment and facilities at the team’s disposal.

Application Validation

  • Specialist on site testing and condition monitoring. 
  • Support application validation and confirm compliance with Installation Quality Assurance (IQA)

Product Validation

  • Accelerated life/endurance product validation.
  • Test requirements for new supplier compliance
  • Product verification, validation and compliance

Alternator Technology Centre Technical Support

  • Specialist technical support for genset testing
  • Specialist resource and equipment to support factory production and test

Engineering Support

  • Simulation/experimental correlation
  • Design evaluation/compliance
  • Field data feedback
  • Specialist training

Escalated Customer Support

  • Specialist support for escalated customer issues
  • Specialist support for field resolution and implementation
  • Specialist training
  • Service provider technical audit support