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With over 100 years’ experience in the field of generator design, Cummins Generator Technologies has a proven track record of delivering dependable technology solutions for the power generation industry. Cummins has used this expertise and experience to develop a series of products specifically designed to meet the needs of the telecommunications market. Through both conventional AC generators and also Variable Speed Generators with DC output, Cummins Generator Technologies have the right product to meet your needs.

50Hz kVA: 3-19
60Hz kW: 2-19
50Hz kVA: 7-20
60Hz kW: 4-20
50Hz kVA: 8-47
60Hz kW: 6-48
50Hz kVA: 10-50
60Hz kW: 7-46
50Hz kVA: 8-30
60Hz kW: 7-29
50Hz kVA: 35-62
60Hz kW: 34-60
50Hz kVA: 26-85
60Hz kW: 35-83
50Hz kVA: 81-250
60Hz kW: 75-250