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  • Certification marks offer peace of mind to retailers, regulators, consumers and end users the world over by indicating that our products have been independently tested and have met the required standards for safety & performance.


  • STAMFORD and AvK products are certified by Underwriter’s Laboratories as UL Listed product across the range from smallest to largest product, up to 13,800 VAC. Low voltage product utilises an in-house insulation system approved to UL-1446. The products below 1000VAC are approved against UL 1004-1 and UL 1004-4. Products up to 13,800VAC are approved against UL1004-9.


  • Further details of the UL approvals can be found that the following links:

        Low voltage insulation system

        UL listed products


  • “UL Listed” means that the Stamford and AvK products have been certified as fully compliant to the UL standards, and can be incorporated to your UL genset with the minimum level of testing necessary to certify that genset to the relevant UL standard