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Cummins Generator Technologies is leading the way in developing Grid Code compatible alternators to enable customers to develop Grid Code compliant generating-sets. In fact, STAMFORD and AvK alternators are helping customers meet the new requirements, supporting the delivery of more economic and environmentally friendly power to users for the long term. Through our extensive range of STAMFORD and AvK alternators, we can help enable your generating sets to become Grid Code compliant in the power range 25kVA to 11,200kVA.

50Hz kVA: 30-104
60Hz kW: 24-83
50Hz kVA: 100-255
60Hz kW: 80-204
50Hz kVA: 250-500
60Hz kW: 200-400
50Hz kVA: 280-1450
60Hz kW: 224-1160
50Hz kVA: 425-825
60Hz kW: 340-660
50Hz kVA: 650-2600
60Hz kW: 520-2080
50Hz kVA: 670-2990
60Hz kW: 585-2726
50Hz kVA: 750-1080
60Hz kW: 720-1040
50Hz kVA: 1220-4700
60Hz kW: 1136-4240
50Hz kVA: 1150-2050
60Hz kW: 1200-2080
50Hz kVA: 1350-3850
60Hz kW: 1280-3200
50Hz kVA: 1971-4172
60Hz kW: 1577-3338
50Hz kVA: 2280-4850
60Hz kW: 1824-3880
50Hz kVA: 2080-5000
60Hz kW: 1920-4752
50Hz kVA: 3760-5800
60Hz kW: 3320-5360