STAMFORD<sup>®</sup> S7 alternators power 4800kW for oil and gas

Published On: January 16, 2020

Q-Power based in ChangZhou, China have been serving the Oil and Gas industry since 1996, an application which STAMFORD I AvK have been providing genuine alternators for decades.

Q-Powers’ customers requirements was for four alternators, each providing power at 1200kW, with an ambient temperature ranging from -15°C to 50°C. This power would be used to help provide energy supply for the manufacturing and industry development for the region and contribute to a level of energy safety.

Additional requirements to be considered for this application included the harsh operation environment, non-linear/non-regular loads low  0.7-0.8 power factor, plus the power requirement was Prime Power continuous for 6,000-8,000 operating hours per annum.

STAMFORD I AvK were able to fulfill their requirements with a dedicated product sizing process, exceptional upfit options and corresponding manufacturing process, such as strict insulation process.

Furthermore, the excellent product design allowed a user-friendly genset onsite assembly with its spacious interface.

With the genset alignment needing to be very precise, the double bearing feature on the STAMFORD® S7 was offered, which also enabled good serviceability and ensured that dust is decreased in the environment. All requirements for the customer.

“We have trust in the manufacturing process of  STAMFORD I AvK  products - Guodong Zhang —General Manager, Q-Power.

Q-Power chose STAMFORD I AvK not only because of the specification of the STAMFORD® S7 and the aesthetic appearance/design of the product, but also because they had trust in the manufacturing process of STAMFORD® products.

Q-Power felt that the overall process of STAMFORD I AvK business interaction was very proactive and professional from pre-sales, through application consultancy, delivery and beyond in after–sales and service.
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