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RK Power with STAMFORD provides critical power to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

The island of Puerto Rico was devastated in 2017 when one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in decades, Hurricane Maria, made landfall on the island. STAMFORD® | AvK® was on hand to help out in the aftermath with critical power support to restore Puerto Rico's crippled communications and destroyed infrastructure.

During one of the worst hurricane disasters in many years, RK Power Generator Corp. partnered with STAMFORD® | AvK® to provide critical power to the people of Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria stripped Puerto Rico of key communications and resource capability, hitting the vulnerable citizens the most. “Although the government and businesses were affected, the people were the ones who suffered the most due to the hurricane”, emphasized Carlos Gómez, Marketing Manager of RK Power.

The most crucial challenge was to provide emergency healthcare to the population when hospitals didn’t have utility power.

The need for reliable power led the Professional Hospital in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico to request 3 x 500kW standby generator sets from RK Power utilizing three STAMFORD® HCI534E1 alternators.

RK Power designs, manufactures, and services generator sets for the residential, commercial, and industrial market in Puerto Rico. Their expertise and team of qualified professionals enabled them to play a crucial role in the aftermath of the hurricane on the island. Their partnership with STAMFORD® | AvK® is built on the need to provide customers with reliable and quality products.

STAMFORD’s standard 3 year warranty on all S-range alternators is a testament of our quality and performance. This is why RK Power chose STAMFORD® | AvK® as their primary supplier of alternators.

In partnership with STAMFORD® | AvK®, RK Power offers their customers peace of mind when purchasing their generator sets. “We sold a lot of residential units. In Puerto Rico, STAMFORD® means quality! The final customer demands STAMFORD® because of its quality.” – Ruben Aguilar, President of RK Power Generator Corp.

In the weeks following the hurricane, resuming business operations was challenging given the severely limited electric and communication systems on the island. Ruben Aguilar, President of RK Power, and his team worked tirelessly to find ways to meet customers’ overwhelming demand for gensets. The collaboration and teamwork with STAMFORD® | AvK® was vital in ensuring inventory was replenished to meet customer demand.

Tim Talbot, Sales Manager at STAMFORD® | AvK® worked diligently with his team to get product delivered to the island expeditiously. Working through the severe conditions on the island, and teaming up with STAMFORD® | AvK®, RK Power aided the recovery of many homes and businesses.

“In the aftermath of devastation left behind by the hurricane, our incredible team worked diligently to support the affected customers.” – Tim Talbot, Sales Manager, STAMFORD® | AvK®.

In preparation for the upcoming hurricane season, RK Power is educating customers on the importance of advanced planning to protect their homes and businesses and is holding necessary inventory to support them. STAMFORD® | AvK® is proud to continue supporting RK Power in powering up Puerto Rico.