Recommended STAMFORD® and AvK® Parts

Always ensure parts are from an Authorised Parts and Service Dealer - alternators fitted with non-genuine parts are not covered by warranty and there is risk of counterfeit product damaging your alternator and business.

Recommended parts have been tested and used within your unit and are only available from STAMFORD | AvK Authorised Parts and Service Dealers. Our genuine parts guarantee begins with your Authorised Dealer to ensure perfect install and maximum performance at all stages of your product lifecycle. To enable this, we focus on providing a first-class logistics operation and our distribution facilities across the world, with over 7,000 line items stocked parts are stored and are available for next day delivery to our Dealer network.

Recommended STAMFORD® Parts

Our authorised dealer network supports all of the Genuine parts for our entire STAMFORD® range.

As part of our legacy product planning we aim to ensure parts are available for at least 10 years after production to make sure your alternator can keep running in the long term

For STAMFORD® AVRs, serviceable parts, wound components, upfit parts and accessories, please contact an authorised dealer.

Contact your local STAMFORD | AvK Authorised Parts Dealer.

Recommended AvK® Parts

  • Our AvK® alternators are produced bespoke to your needs which can mean multiple tailored or individual elements based on your application.
  • Despite this, we support every part in our AvK® machines and will be able to track the exact specification you require based on your original order.
  • We can provide legacy product parts to old AvK® alternators, including up to 20MW.

Contact your local STAMFORD | AvK Authorised Parts Dealer.