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STAMFORD® provides emergency power for COVID-19 medical facilities

Published On: June 25, 2020

With extra hospitals being built globally to help combat treatment of Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients, global genset manufacturer VISA SpA established in the 1960’s and operating in almost 100 countries worldwide turned to STAMFORD® to fulfill customer requirements.

Project was to supply alternators for gensets installed for a 1.25 MVA backup power plant, consisting of 2 units of 500 kVA and 1 unit of 250 kVA in P.R.P. Units were for an Isolation Hospital and Infectious Treatment Center in Pakistan constructed initially to fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) effects and later a full fledge infectious treatment hospital.

The 3 genset units fitted with 2 x STAMFORD® HC5 alternators and 1 x STAMFORD® UC27 alternator had a fundamental role in providing uninterrupted power supply to the hospital, ensuring backup power in-case of Mains Failure.

Due to non-availability of Mains Source (i.e. WAPDA in Pakistan) at site, initially the gensets were tasked to run 24/7 supplying load to the hospital until availability of Main Source was completed.

The customer required highly reliable technological machines that constantly supported the exceptional protocols in place to ensure cover of all the increased requirements being asked of the power supply and chose STAMFORD® products.

The fast pace of the pandemic plus VISA’s close working relationship with STAMFORD® combined with VISA’s global presence, allowed delivery of the units on project site within 10 days. Quick delivery however, did not compromise product performance, efficiency and reliability, with the units chosen still being the ideal solution for this high level application.

“Close working relationship with STAMFORD I AvK allows VISA to ensure swift delivery of Gensets, without compromising on reliability and performance” -VISA SpA

Technical support together with an extensive global parts services network were also a factor that attracted VISA to work with STAMFORD I AvK for this project.

All the diesel generating sets were delivered and installed according to their customers strict schedule, demonstrating the company ability to work to stipulated project deadlines, also under the most challenging conditions.