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Introducing the STAMFORD® S7 High Voltage

Debuting at Middle East Energy Exhibition in Dubai, in March 2020, the STAMFORD® S7 High Voltage is the latest addition to the S-Range alternator range.

Providing nodes from 1000-1625kVA (50Hz at 10500/11000V), the S7 HV provides a suitable alternator offering for a range of applications, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Mobile Power and Floating Power Barge.

The S7 HV is designed with CoreCooling™ Technology and a Class H insulation system, enabling improved thermal performance and high efficiency airflow. This enables optimised power density, with up to 27% reduction in weight and 19% reduction in length compared to STAMFORD and AvK products. Enhanced thermal management and greater serviceability access are also a key elements of the alternator design.

The STAMFORD® S7 offers a Three Year Warranty as standard, ensuring peace of mind that and guaranteed genuine STAMFORD quality, covering the equivalent of 26,280 hours.

The STAMFORD® S7 High Voltage joins the S7 Low Voltage, as part of the STAMFORD® S-Range offering, the S7.  With a voltage output of 380-11000V, the S7 provides solutions for a range of applications for power needs from 1000-2500kVA. 

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STAMFORD S7 HV Alternator